1951 Dodge B-3-C #/4 ton Express

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1951 Dodge B-3-C #/4 ton Express

Post by rossse01 on Mon Apr 15, 2013 8:00 pm

Got this truck in November from East Wenatchee, Washington. Shipping to Vista California by Dependable Auto Shippers was $625. Also had to pay seller $200 to trailer it to Kennewick, Washington to DAS pickup yard. Total shipping $825. Cheaper then driving up and driving two cars back. Bought it off the internet. Very nice rust free original. It's a 4 speed geared very low. Running speed is about 45 mph. It's been repainted in the original Dark Blue color. Bottom of the seat was reupholstered at some time. All else is original. I put in new 7 wire turn signal unit. Wired front turn signals to parking lights. It came with the original bill of sale from Latah Motors in Latah, Washington dated March 14, 1951. It was sold to Claire Wiltse of Mt. Hope Washington. Clair paid $1692 for the base truck. He added a heavy duty air cleaner for $1.95, a deluxe oil filter for $9.00, 4 speed transmission with 11" clutch for $50, Grille gaurds on the front bumper for $3.50, and a heater and defroster for $41.50. Don't you miss those prices? Clair traded in his 1946 Ford truck for $822.43.

Truck was very hard to start and keep running. Carburetor looked rebuilt but I still suspected the problem was in there. Previous owner called it "cold winded". Has a Carter model BB 1 barrel. Got a rebuild kit from local auto parts place and dug in. The spring that actuates the accelerator pump is cone shaped and should have a little brass cap on the bigger top end of the spring. The spring was in upside down, the brass cap was missing. So, the spring was sticking up into the bowl cover and not doing to much. The accelerator pump has it's own jet. Also found the jet plugged. Fixing these two items and reassembling, the truck started with very little choke required and had very good throttle response. Moral is don't trust stuff that looks new. It might have been messed up by someone not knowing what they're doing.

This truck has 96,000 miles. It still has the original wood on the bed but lost it's original bed side panels. The ones installed are homemade. The truck has Zero rust. I hate rust and love to find them this way.

The oil filter is a canister type. Made by Perfect Industries. It has a cotton sock type filter element. I was used to the Framm canister type filters with the replaceable metal canister. Did some internet searching and came up with the original patent applications for this filter. Interesting reading. Then found that WIX Filters has the right element. Part number 51011. I was very happy.

Photos below: [img][/img][img][/img]


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Re: 1951 Dodge B-3-C #/4 ton Express

Post by rich on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:14 pm

nice looking truck thanks for sharing


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Re: 1951 Dodge B-3-C #/4 ton Express

Post by ssyeller on Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:48 pm

I just got a 51 b-3-c 3/4 ton dually 5 window.   I have some napa version filters.


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Re: 1951 Dodge B-3-C #/4 ton Express

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