looking for an old truck of mine 1B7FD14T5ES360031

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looking for an old truck of mine 1B7FD14T5ES360031

Post by SPOOKY84 on Sun Jul 05, 2015 3:10 pm

Back in 1984 I bought a nice new 84 Dodge stepside short bed.  I took out a loan for it
like so many people do and was from that time on a Dodge truck person.Unfortunately for
me someone stole it 2 years later (on the same night my girlfriend broke up with me-I
know-it sounds like a country song-but it's true) and I didn't have insurance on it.
I paid the remaining $8000 on the truck loan and when the title came in 1886 I threw it
in a filing cabinet. I just found it the other day and started thinking about that black truck...
I've owned a bunch of Rams  since then-i have a 90 now that I just bought to replace another
90 that I just scrapped with 250,000 miles on it. None will ever compare to that first truck of
mine though.....................................


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